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Currently into our fifth decade, Gallaher and Associates, Inc. has evolved into a regional leader, providing integrated solutions across all segments of the low voltage industry.

Meet The Team

Beth Boutwell


Beth joined Gallaher in 2015 as Operations Administrator, after undergoing several mergers with larger corporations. In this role, Beth oversaw internal projects and worked with departmental managers as well as corporate positions to streamline business processes. She was pivotal in undertaking the largest monitoring transition plan in company history, providing substantial cost savings and improved services to the organization.

Shortly thereafter, Beth was promoted to Director of Human Resources and tasked with improving overall company culture while ensuring all typical compliance issues were met. She initiated a significant revision of the company handbook and updated and implemented many policies and procedures to improve employee relations and management.

In May 2017, Beth is undertaking a new role as Director of Purchasing and Procurement.

Beth enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in the children's ministry of her church.

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