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Employee Recognition & Promotions

Beth Boutwell Promoted to Director of Purchasing and Special Projects

Beth Boutwell is moving to a new role from Director, Human Resources to Director of Purchasing and Special Projects.

​This will allow her to better utilize her skill sets for our organization to make an even bigger impact on our team. 

Jim Humphrey Promoted to Director of Human Resources

Jim Humphrey is being promoted to the Director of Human Resources. This will allow him to use his experience and leadership in a more effective way for us! Jim has a strong and extensive background in HR and we’re confident he’ll be able to help us develop in great ways in the years ahead!

Ken Martin Promoted to Lead Technician

Ken Martin was promoted to Lead Technican in early 2017 as a progression of his growing skill set over the years, and is doing an awesome job! Join us in congratulating Ken on his new position.
Company News & Events
  1. All Hands Meetings

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    August 21-22, 2017 - Gallaher hosted company-wide "All Hands" meetings at the Alcoa and Rossville offices, to catch everyone up on company news and spend time together as a collective unit.

    Guests for the meetings included representatives from The United Way of Blount County and LegalShield/LegalID. Breck Ellison, COO, covered several topics that were elaborated in more detail by Tom Gallaher, CEO.

    10 Year Anniversary employees, Lorenzo Lopez and Grant Easton, were recognized for their valued contributions to the company and years of dedicated service to our clients.

     The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

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    August 21, 2017 - In conjunction with the Alcoa All-Hands meeting on Monday, August 21st, Gallaher invited all employes, their families and special guests to view the solar eclipse from the Gallaher corporate office parking lot.

    Special "eclipse glasses" were provided as the countdown to solar totality arrived.

    We are thankful to everyone who attended, actively participated, and worked behind the scenes to make this event a huge success.

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Industry News & Events

OHSA's National Safety Stand-Down Begins May 8

From May 8 to May 12, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will hold its fourth annual National Safety Stand-Down, a program started in 2013 to “raise fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries,” according to the OSHA website. Towards this aim, OSHA encourages employers to hold “Safety Stand-Downs” or voluntary events for employers to talk to their employees about fall hazards and prevention.
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NFPA Journal - What Boston Learned from 2013 Bombings

How Boston’s approach to emergency management and planning have adapted since the 2013 marathon bombings—and what other communities can learn from it.
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